See our super low fees 



 We have our own in house recording studio. 

Advertising company logo/flier/poster on Totaly Different websites.

photograph event. Inserted photos on our totaly different promotion websites.

Do a short profile write up. Show insert on our totaly different promotion websites.

Affiliated with an online entertainment magazine. Magazine writups & show review with link. 

Also do bio or album reviews.

Record videos. IE: For a single.

Advertising your poster or flier with a write up on 4 of our sites.

Profile review for your new album.  

We also provide commercial advertisment for our podcast radio station.  

Basic computer lessons. You know of anyone who like to learn the basics of a computer. 

NEW! We give computer lessons. How setup an email address. Word Documents. Setting up a Facebook site. How to get onto websites.        

How to use websites. First 3 lessons at £15 each session for 45 minutes. After 3rd lesson. £20 each session. 45 mins. 

one to one lessons.  Contact us. [email protected] 0772 157 5707






Voice overs. Sound Beauiful Radio. We can do voice over parts for your company. Speaking parts. Starts from £50

Online advertising. You determine how many months you like your company logo to be displayed. Your company logo & link. Fee £10 per month

We take photo's & provide show reviews per event. From £30

Writeup. T.D. Affiliate with online entertainment magazine. 300 words at £25. 500 word articale £35

Basic digital recording & edit. Conference event. Band shows. Birmingham radius. £150

Studio recorded video. IE: For a band single.  Birmingham radius. Starter price £350 upwards.

Advertising your event, on our websites. With an introductory write up on our T.D websites. You present the flier/poster. You say how many weeks you like. For every 2 weeks avertising. Fee  £15

Profile review for your new album. In entertainment magazine & T.D sites. £20 upwards. 

All videos recorded by T.D will be subscribed to our Totaly Different Promotion online TV channel.

Free radio interview for companies & artists. On our Totaly Different Promotion online Sounds Beautiful Radio Podcast.

Basic computer lessons. First 3 lessons. £15  each session. 45 minutes a lesson. £20 after 3rd lesson. 45 minutes a seesion. Location. Erdington Birmingham. 

Radio Adverts. Two Options.

1. Advert on 'Sounds Beautiful' Radio Podcast. You provide the audio advert. £30 

   Note.  The muisc for your advert have to be a none copyright muisc track!  

2. Advert on 'Sounds Beautiful' Radio Podcast. We record your advert at our studio. £100

We have an in house studio to record your advert. 'Production Boudoir' Recording. From £50 an hour

Affiliated marketing with prominent local news papers & other online platforms. To advertised your event. Talk to us. 

Please enquiry for more details. Email or Phone us. 0772 257 5706

Prices for inside the Birmingham Area Only. Negotiate with us if you outside Birmingham

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